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Ronaldo The Waverly 501 Bracelet 14K Gold Silver Artist Wire Pearl Spina Bifada - ILoveThatGift

Ronaldo The Waverly 501 Bracelet 14K Gold Silver Artist Wire Pearl Spina Bifada

$ 93.00

Ronaldo The Waverly 501 Bracelet 14K Gold Silver Artist Wire Pearl Spina Bifada

Product Description

  • The Waverly

    501: 14K Gold Artist & Silver Wire
  • Features three hand-drilled freshwater pearls
  • Band is 1/8" wide
  • Handcrafted in the US
  • Insert Card reads: "The three pearls symbolize the past, present and future. Named for a small child in Mississippi, a portion of all proceeds benefit Spina Bifida research".
  • Gift Boxed in Ronaldo Jewelry box
  • In stock sizes: 6.5", 7", 7.5" Other sizes can be special ordered ... just email us
  • 1 Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Sizing Information: To determine your wrist size, take a cloth measuring tape and measure your wrist. Add 1/2 Inch to that measurement.
  • Style: 501


The Waverly™ Bracelet: Several years ago, when Ronaldo was traveling around the country, he met a young girl who was maybe two years old at the time. She had Spina Bifida, a very serious congenital birth defect which leads to lifelong health complications and usually many surgical procedures. This young girl's first name was Waverly and her grandmother, Faye, had brought her to the local jewelry store to meet Ronaldo and to hear his inspirational words of encouragement. She was so cute and brave and immediately became Ronaldo's inspiration behind the Waverly Bracelet©. This bracelet's main design features are three beautiful fresh water pearls, with the center pearls representing Waverly and the side pearls representing Faye and Ronaldo – the people who would help look after Waverly during her lifetime.

Meeting Waverly was a life-changing experience for Ronaldo because, before meeting her, he really had never personally known anyone who had Spina Bifida. He was so impressed by her strength, beauty and innocence that he wanted to do as much for Waverly as possible. As he was designing this bracelet, Ronaldo knew that he wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds from its sales to directly benefit Spina Bifida research. Ronaldo has kept up with Waverly's difficult challenges and her progress over the years through frequent contact with Faye.

Ronaldo understands that Americans are a generous and giving people, but as we go about supporting our own favorite charities, he wants us to remember and support the important research towards treating and possibly one day curing Spina Bifida. Ronaldo is doing his part. Will you do yours?

ABOUT Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

As a Designer & Jewelry artist, Ronaldo has spent more than 100,000 hours honing his skills and developing his artistic skill, which has reached an unmatched level of perfection and distinction. Through superior workmanship, incomparable attention to detail, and his one-of-a-kind style, Ronaldo has become known as one of the premier, handmade jewelry artists in the United States. With more than 25 years of industry experience and a steadfast commitment to quality, juried award winning artist, Ronaldo has created and copyrighted more than 892 designs. He uses only the finest raw materials, including 14k Gold wire, Platinum, Argentium Silver, and 14k Gold artist wire to create his masterpieces. Once his designs are sculpted in metal, Ronaldo compliments them with only the superior quality Gemstones, Semi-Precious Stones, Cameos, and Pearls.

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